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Thread: Cozumel Elation. Our favorite things to do when cruising the Mexican Riviera.

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    Default Cozumel Elation. Our favorite things to do when cruising the Mexican Riviera.

    Just got back from another cruise and have to say Cozumel is and always has been the best port to get off! We have done the jeep excursion many times in Cozumel but nothing compares to the one we just took. We did a custom private jeep tour where we got to choose the things we wanted to do in Cozumel, and had the option to have our private guide drive which was nice because they give you a cooler of beer which is included! It also includes lunch, and was less than $70usd per person! We found them on Trip Advisor, because so many people were suggesting them, we thought it was advertising but when we seen the reviews we had to check it out. It was such a greatCozumel excursion and will be doing it again real soon. I would advise checking out their Tripadvisor reviews- "Custom Private Jeep Tour TripAdvisor Page" They also have a really nice guide on what to do in Cozumel "What to do in Cozumel" If you want to check out their jeep excursion page I believe this is it "Cozumel Jeep Excursion Site"
    Not knocking but its out of date and could use some updating because a lot of info is really out of date and inaccurate. We did the jeep tour they offer, which we found out everyone offers the same one, and we didnt like the fact of following 15 other jeeps in a caravan There were many times we wanted to stay and enjoy the spot we were at but were rushed along to the other site. Thats what makes the other tour much better, because we got to stay as long as we wanted and had 6 hours to enjoy Cozumel, and had a private guide drive us around. We wanted to drink with the other jeep tour that everyone else sells, but we had to drive the jeep! This way we had our private guide drive us around while we enjoyed the cooler of beer that was included
    We take a cruise every other month since were retired, and always make sure we visit Cozumel. We learned that taking the large tours arent as fun as the small private tours, and get to save some money. We also did the bar hop tour, which wasnt good. You're crammed in a bus with over 50 people and they give you a small drink with barely any alcohol at a couple bars. They raise the prices for the people on the tour because when we went to Punta Morena with our private jeep guide, the prices were so much lower! Ha isnt that funny! They also told us not to eat at Punta Morena but to eat at the next stop which we also had to pay for? For $60 per person just for a bus ride, its really not worth it. We ended up paying $300usd after it was all said and done, for two people drinking and sharing a dinner plate. We didnt expect to pay that much and thought they would give us bigger drinks than a watered down mouthwash cup? We also had to take a taxi to the meeting point which cost us another $40usd! Thats also a big plus for the jeep tour, because they picked us up at the cruise pier, which was the first excursion that did that for us. So much more convenient than trying to negotiate with the nazi taxi scammers It took us an hour and almost missed our tour in Cozumel trying to get a taxi to charge us the right price and not 100% more than their set rates. The locals call them the taxi mafia. Not sure how they get away with charging double when they have set rates. Being able to avoid that is well worth it, all together!
    The shopping in Cozumel is also great! The downtown area is really nice and safe. We love taking the late night cruises to Cozumel, because we love to venture the dining scene and nightlife. Were thinking about moving here since they have a population of over 2000 foreigners (many retired Americans). The guy who owns the jeep tour has been living there for over 10 years and said he wouldnt want to live anywhere else in the world. Our Cozumel tour guide was George, who was a great bargainer, and helped us save money on our shopping excursion. My wife taught spanish for High School students and told me he was telling them either you make something or nothing.
    This is a great forum and so happy I found it!
    Fun Cruising my fellow cruisers!

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    Default Cozumel Elation Our favorite things to do when cruising the Mexican Riviera

    Three teenage girls were in front of us walking down Sunset Blvd. and one of them points up to the Fantasmic billboard with the big yellow arrow and exclaims "Look Fantasmic What park is that in?"

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