Did a back to back with this ship in July/August 2012.
Happy to report that there was no discernible drop in the standard of the food since I last sailed on this ship in the summer of 2010.

There was a massive price drop for the 1st cruise (Iceland & Norwegian fjords) shortly before final payment was due. I booked through Cruisekings and asked the TA if Celebrity might upgrade up for a small fee but the TA said this is not possible. In the end I cancelled and paid the penalty so that I could take advantage of the price drop.
That's the last time I'm booking through Cruisekings.
Probably also the last time I book months ahead.

The price for the inside cabin was about 1,600 in Jan 2012.
In the fortnight before final payment, inside cabins were going for just over 900.
I saved over 1,000 for the 2 of us, even after losing the deposit.

The TA kept saying that my category of cabin has not been reduced in price and also pointed out that I'll lose the free parking. Since we were not using that freebie, it mattered not one jot to me but she did not give me the impression that she was out to take care of my interests. I kept saying that I'm happy to pay a bit more to get a better cabin. She said she asked on my behalf but Celebrity would not allow this. I am so unimpressed with Cruisekings.

As for the cabin, since we had a back to back, I was able to compare the two. The cheaper cabin did have a noise problem early one morning. This might be because it was a tender port. But other than that, it was perfectly fine.

It's a lovely ship and I do recommend it.
Planning to sail on it next summer.