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    Any recommendations on things to do in Portland?

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    Go to the Portland Headlight (lighthouse), wander the Old Port section of Portland (shops & restaurants), if visiting in the warm months: consider taking the ferry to Peak's Island for lunch, have a beverage and/or meal at DiMillo's floating restaurant (downtown Portland), check out some of the local beaches, take a trip to Freeport, home of LLBean (open 24 hours). Make sure you get clam chowda & lobstah stew & a lobstah roll while you are there. Try an Amato's Italian Sandwich. There is some really high end (gourmet) dining in Portland & also some really good local craft beers.

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    Portland is very good...

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    When I went to Portland a year ago or something I had breakfast at Blossoming Lotus Cafe, very nice place. Veganopolis was great as well, awesome with a vegan greasy diner Theres another place I also had breakfast at once, cant remember its name, it was across the river/water a couple of blocks from downtown... hmm...

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