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Thread: Missing Schedules

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    Unhappy Missing Schedules


    I have been an avid daily reader of your site for over a year now, but am dissappointed that the cruise schedules go no further than when the majority of ships come back to Europe from the Caribbean etc which is now only a couple of months away!! in the past the schedules have been at least a year and a half in advance, there does not seem to have been any update for well over a year now, why is this?

    Kind regards

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    Thank you for your feedback. The good news is that we are currently in the process of recompiling our schedules for all the current cruise lines on the site.

    This will be online Monday the 15th , and will cover as far as the cruise lines have published, in some cases over 2 years ahead.

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    Running a little behind schedule on this , but it will be ready in the coming days.

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    I have been wondering where the schedules were too. Look foreward to the information for our July 4, 2010 cruise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CruiseTT View Post
    Running a little behind schedule on this , but it will be ready in the coming days.
    That is good news, keep the good work up and Thanks

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    Cruise TT,

    This is a great site.

    Thanks for updating it.

    We need to spread the word so this is a big time reference site.


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    I have only a few weeks till my cruise with NCL Pearl will start, but there is no new schedule. Do you think, it will come in the next days(you promised some time ago), because i would like to know, how many ships there are in port with us, to select excursions.

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    These have now been updated and should be correct.

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    Lots of good prospective data included here. However, in some instances I would like to go back to the schedules that were in effect in the past. Is is possible to maintain old schedules in the database?

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    Default Planning for June 2011

    Have sent an independent email to this site with no response. Have now registered and see this has been a previous concern. Trying to plan for June 2011 and would like to either know when process will be updated or recommendations for alternatives. This site provides very useful information. As those of us who have cruised before and prefer to organize our own port experiences, knowing how many other cruise ships are in each port helps to reduce unpleasant "surprises." Would be useful to know if management is currently reading this forum. Thanks!

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