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Thread: Carnival Liberty Shore trips in Jamaica

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    Default Carnival Liberty Shore trips in Jamaica

    Climbing the Dunn's River Water Falls
    -fee $15pp, 60mins
    River tubing -fee$20pp ,45mins
    shopping in town, 60mins
    Sight Seeing in the mountain, 20mins
    Drive through the Fern Gully Tropical rain forest, 10mins
    Authentic Jamaican restaurant on the ocean front, live music, dance and bar, 60mins

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    Thanks for this details, hope this is really helpful..

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    We were pondering booking one of Carnivals outings for our Freeport stop (we ordinarily book all alone too however this is a VERY SHORT stop and would prefer not to simply hang out at the port so thought booking a boat journey may work better)

    Is it conceivable to pay utilizing a Carnival blessing card? So what happens with the cash that is left over on the card? Does it simply stay on the card and after that you utilize whatever remains of it when you apply it to your on board account once you get on the boat....

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