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the general
On Wednesday the general Accompt is made up, and Printed, and on Thursdays published, and dispersed to the several Families, who will pay four shillings per Annum for them. . . .
In my Discourses upon these Bills 1 shall first speak of the Casualties, then give my Observations with reference to the Places, and Parishes comprehended in the Bills; and next of the Years, and Seasons.
1. There seems to be good reason, why the Magistrate should himself take notice of the numbers of Burials, and Christnings, viz. to see, whether the City increase or decrease in people; whether it increase proportionably with the rest of the Nation; whether it be grown big enough, or too big. Ac. But why the same should be made known to the People, otherwise then to please them as with a curiosity, I see not.
2. Nor could I ever yet learn (from the many I have asked, and those not of the least Sagacity) to what purpose the distinction between Males and Females is inserted, or at all taken notice of; or why that of MarČriages was not equally given in? Nor is it obvious to everybody, why the Accompt of Casualties (whereof we
jimmy choo shoes arc now speaking) is made? The reason, which seems most obvious for this latter, is, That the state of health in the City may at all times appear.
3. Now it may be Objected. That the same depends most upon the Accompts of Epidemical Diseases, and upon
MBT Shoes Clearance the chief of them all, the Plague-, wherefore the mention of the MBT rest seems onely matter of curiosity.
4. But to this we answer; That the knowledg even of the numbers, which die of the Plague. is not sufficiently deduced from the meer Report of the Searchers, which onely the Bills afford; but from other RatiocinaČtions, and comparings of the Plague with some other Casualties.
5. For we shall make it probable, that in Years of Plague a quarter part more dies
MBT Shoes of that jimmy choo uggs Disease then are set down; the same jimmy choo we shall also prove by the other Casualties. Wherefore, if it be necessary to impart to the World a good Accompt of some few Casualties, which since it cannot well be done without giving an Accompt of them all. then is our common practice of so doing very apt, and rational.

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