This is me

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Hi yah all. Its my first post so I'd like to introduce myself . So, I am an aspiring architecture meaning I am still a student in Dublin City University. This degree is really hard to get and sometimes, I may self feel very tired and sleepy that i feel not to continue with my profession anymore. I have to sleep late at night and woke up very early to go o the university. Sometimes, when I have a test or an exam; or when I am writing school essays, I study all night and burn my eyes reading. Also when I have plates to be done, i really have to stay wake or I will destroy the details of my drawing.

However hard my schooling is, I am very sure that after my graduation and when I already passed my licensing exam, I will feel very satisfied. I will also gratify my parents for supporting me till my graduation. That is why I am working to finish my degree, so that i can thank my parents and also to reach my dream as an architect.

When not studying or drawing for my subjects, I normally sleep at home while listening to the songs of Linkin Park and Evanescence. I also go out to breath fresh air and relax.

Taking up Architecture is hard but as a student, like me, we must manage our time to successfully graduate and reach our goals. On the other hand we should not forget to relax and have fun for a while to free ourselves from all th worries.