I was delighted

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I was delighted
I was delighted to see the zeal of Lady Vavasour. I was also going away myself, and so far was not sorry to find that my mistress was to be a traveller too. But then we were to go different roads, and Tory Burch Shoes my journey would probably be ended before theirs. What a transport would it not have been to steal true-love holidays from court, and have Mickleham Park and Miss RanŽdolph to myself! On no account could such an arrangement have been made. I turned my attenr tion to my lost friend, reproaching myself for not thinking of him as much as before, and equally resolved to leave nothing untried for his discovery, and to hope that he would soon re-unite us all.
But where to seek him ? None of us dared to own to
Tory Burch Flats each Tory Burch Outlet other—hardly to ourselves—that it was possible he had fallen ill in some obscure corner of the metropolis. Whenever we bordered upon the mention of it, our $ilence and looks too plainly shewed what we dared not utter. I little thought what Lady Vavasour would determine upon that night After introducing me to Miss Vavasour, she passed the remainder of the day with that lady, leaving me to enjoy some hours of delightful conŽsolation with Miss Randolph. The next morning at breakfast she was missing. She had gone to London, to do what I had left undone.
I NEED not say how we were surprised next
Tory Burch mornŽing at finding Lady Vavasour gone; that is to say, Miss Randolph and myself; for she had told her aunt of her intention during the night,

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