• MSC Preziosa boasts new aqua park and ‘Vertigo’, the longest waterslide on the waves

    Wild water features and over-the-water slide ensure bucket loads of fun

    MSC Preziosa will be christened in Genoa, Italy, on 23 March 2013 and, as the four-month countdown to her arrival has already begun, MSC Cruises is proud to announce the first of many innovative new features to be found on board; the all new Doremi Castle Aqua Park and Vertigo, MSC Cruises’ longest waterslide to date and the longest single rider body waterslide on the seas.

    In prime space on deck 16, Doremi Castle Aqua Park boasts an exhilarating pathway of water features on raised platforms including sprays, fountains, water pistols and valves, each designed to splash, soak and delight in equal measures. A drenching bucket builds suspense by filling up drip by drip over unsuspecting heads, ready to rain down from on high, while the area’s water cannons encourage mischievous interaction between friends, old and new.

    While children under 120 cm are not permitted to ride the Vertigo waterslide, they won’t miss out at Doremi Castle, where a double and single slide have been designed especially for them. With fun features to ignite imaginations and spark creativity, Doremi Castle is the perfect place for MSC Preziosa’s smallest guests to splash away the day.

    Next to the park, thrill seekers can climb the stairs to deck 18 where they can embark on the wildest ride on the waves. Guests will set off on a journey down, around and even off the side of the ship, through 120 metres of fabulous twists and turns. Certain sections of the slide have even been enhanced with translucent bands of colour which catch the light, creating a wonderful strobe effect as guests zip through at top speed.

    As it shoots out over the edge of the ship, a nine metre long transparent stretch of slide provides riders with amazing views of the water below, but only if they’re brave enough to keep their eyes open! Spectators who don’t dare ride for themselves can even have fun from decks below by spotting the more adventurous whizzing through the transparent section.

    MSC is a family company which prides itself on making sure that there’s never a dull moment for families on board, and these latest features guarantee bucket loads of fun for children, teenagers and the young at heart.

    Opening hours of the Vertigo waterslide are likely to fluctuate depending on itinerary and season, so guests should check out the times directly on board.

    Vertigo statsMSC Preziosa’s waterslide is 13 metres high and 120 metres long, with a diameter of 900 mm.
    The maximum weight of each rider is 150 kg, and the minimum height is 120 cm.
    Riders will travel at an average speed of 6 m/s.
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